Be Cautious When Getting Online Moving Quotes

The procedure of finding an excellent moving company can seem to be overwhelming. But performing a little research will probably be worth it. By doing some research, you can cut your costs and prevent online scams. 
Ask close friends, coworkers, and local realtors for referrals or suggestions for reliable movers. We recommend that you request to have an in-house estimate completed. Once you’ve shopped around, you should have at least 3 moving quotes. If the moving company is unable to come to your house to do the estimate, ensure that they have photos and dimensions. Never trust an estimate where the mover has no idea of what to expect.
Cross check each company’s name on Google. Use their company name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail, and website to find feedback. Look for moving company reviews.  Get the names and contact info for the company’s references. Find out if they are an actual business. Make certain the company you select will be moving you themselves rather than outsou…

Tips to Make Moving Environmentally Friendly

Moving is a stressful time for many.

Unfortunately, the process of moving can also take a toll on the environment. From the gas involved in transportation to the fact that people tend to throw away a lot of things during the move, the environmental impact can be surprisingly high. Even the package materials can create a lot of waste in the process of packing and unpacking.

Here are some tips, you can make your move much more eco-conscious:

Donate Instead of Throwing Things Away

People tend to throw lots of things into the garbage or take things to the dump, even though items may still be in good condition. The reason for this is simple - it’s often the path of least resistance.

The problem is that these things end up in a landfill. One way to reduce your environmental impact during a move, especially if you are downsizing or getting rid of a lot of things during your transition, is to donate as much as you can.

Find a Community Centre near you or other similar charity. The process is very c…

The Difference Between Movers And Brokers

The Internet has made it super easy to get in touch with professional moving companies.  Getting a moving quote online is easier than ever before. However, do you know if you are contacting a moving company or broker?
Moving brokers are not professional movers in the sense that brokers are neither authorized nor licensed to transport household goods because they don’t own any moving trucks, moving staff, moving equipment, or packing supplies.
In reality, moving brokers act as middlemen between the customer (the individual who is moving home) and moving company (the business entity that will complete the actual transportation job). Brokers are trained sales teams that will arrange for the transportation of your household items and then will try to sell your booking info to an actual moving company that may provide the actual truck transportation.
Moving companies are the professional moversthat make the real household move. They personal their very own fleet of branded moving trucks, …

Strategies for a trouble-free moving day

To help our customers enjoy a stress-free moving experience, we decided to make a guide with the best practices for having a hassle-free moving experience. Our moving experts recommend the following tips:

Properly mark cartons! For local moving, use a permanent marker and write on the box the room they are going to, and a list of content is recommended for locating the carton you need after the move has been completed.

Regarding packing clothing, try emptying dresser drawers into luggage or cartons, and keeping out several sets of clothing for each family member in their own accessible duffel bag, along with needed toiletries, pajamas and a toy or two for children. We recommend that you invest in wardrobe boxes to hang closet contents. These boxes make it relatively simple to transport and unpack each person’s closet.

You want breakable items to be as protected as possible. Put padding on the inside walls of the boxes itself will help reduce the possibility of damage.

We highly recom…

Recommendations on Ways to Move Your Outdoor Stuff

Planning for your move will keep you busy. Once you have boxed up all your home objects, it is time to take on the outdoor rooms such as the balcony, porch, patio and yard. Listed here are some recommendations to help you when you are packing and moving outdoor things.

Make an effort to clean objects before you pack

Regrettably when furniture is permanently placed outside it will collect debris, dirt and dust. We advise that you clean the collected dirt so that it won't transfer to your other items during the move. Wiping down all your patio and lawn furniture is easy. Use a hose to wash items that won’t rust and dry with an old towel or cloth. For garbage cans, let them have an extensive wash before transporting.

Watch out for things that don't belong

To stop complications from moving your outdoor items to your new home we advise that you check for creatures of the crawly kind. Frequently outdoor furniture can easily make easy shelters for wasps, spiders and various insects. S…

Ways to Choose The Right Storage Unit in Hamilton

You will discover various motives why you will choose to rent a storage unit. Under specific scenarios, extra storage space might be a life-saver. On many occasions, this usually during moving. At the time you decide to move ahead with renting a self-storage unit, you are going to need to pick a storage unit size that is best suited for you.

We decided to publish an article on ways to help you to decide upon a self-storage unit without risking your valued items or losing money in the process.

The things you must know before choosing a storage unit.

The price:
Try and figure out the total cost before you proceed with signing a contract. The exact rental price will rely on various external factors such as the storage unit city, company and location. Consider your storage space choices and ensure that you get enough for your needs. Take note that climate-controlled units are usually more expensive.

The location:
In much larger cities, the cost of storage can be more pricey than other areas…

Reasons Why You Need To Use a Professional Piano Moving Company

Moving a piano is usually a very difficult and requires a trained professional who has the proper knowledge and skills. To help you understand the process of moving a piano, we have listed some good information below to help you in choose the right mover.

What is the major difference between choosing a professional piano mover versus a general mover?

The main reason between the two is that a professional piano mover has the proper training and the equipment to handle a piano. Where a general mover doesn’t have experience or the equipment to move a piano properly.

Do you know that the ordinary upright piano can weigh between 400 and 900 pounds?

Grand pianos can weigh between 650 and 1300 pounds. The value of a piano may vary from a few hundred dollars to half a million dollars depending on the model, age, make and condition of the piano. Many piano moves will call for moving the instrument through a tight space just like a small door frame or staircase. In most cases, the…