Suggestions to keep young children active during a move

Considered one of the most stressful things that you can ever do in your life is packing for a move. On the other hand, moving with children can add to that anxiousness. We recommend that you plan out your move with a strategy for your kids. Here are some tips:

Prior to packing:

• Allow your kids to know that you are planning to move. Moving can be very difficult for kids, so it’s crucial to let them know when the move is taking place. Give them plenty of time to say goodbye to friends.

• Kids can have a difficult time dealing with the change, so try to pack up as much of your kid’s items as you can. Most kids may hold on to objects that are not important.

• Source your movers at least a month before to your move. Add more time in case you are booking during the busy summer months to ensure availability on your moving day. As soon as you have confirmation from the movers, you can begin to pack up your belongings. Morrison Moving offers full packing services to help simplify the moving p…

Tips on how to Help Seniors Move

For anyone who is helping seniors downsize to a smaller place or to a retirement home, consider the following recommendations for supporting them through their move.

Be kind to them!
When assisting to sort and pack their things, you may notice poor housekeeping habits. Don't comment or criticize. Moving is a change for everyone so be patient. Let them know that you're there to help.

Help them sort things
Seniors tend to keep things they don't necessarily need. Be supple when suggesting to eliminate of certain items. Verify if they use the item and if they would donate it. It's generally easier to give away items to save space.

One day at a time
Take a day to dedicate to your parents to discuss the move and what to anticipate. Give them modest tasks to do to start. Let them make a decision what they'd like to do and what they might find stressful to do. Taking small steps will help.

Plan the move
Make it possible for plenty of time so that your parents don't feel h…

Here Are Some Safety Tips For Moving Furniture

Moving heavy furniture may be unsafe if you do not have a plan to what you are doing.  To prevent moving accidents or damage to your precious property you need to be familiar with some safety guidelines.

Any individual who disregards safety when moving furniture may wind up badly injured.  Think about how much it can cost you from an injury.  Implement our safety guidelines below for a safe and stress-free move.

Make sure to Disassemble your furniture pieces
It is significant to remember that furniture disassembly is one among the best safety suggestions for moving furniture. Measure your furniture pieces to determine if they will go through all door openings and hallways. The furniture that is too big, disassemble.

Determine and eliminate furniture moving risks
Look around and use your common sense to avoid injury. Be sure that you keep the exit paths and outdoor pathways clear of potential dangers.

Get some good help
One among the best safety tips when moving furniture is to never try…

Best Moving Recommendations

Morrison Moving understands that moving to a new home, apartment or condo is a big task which could easily lead to worry. To help lower the worrying about moving, we have created some moving tips to help you.

Employ the service of a Moving Company

Hiring a professional moving company will lower the amount of work and anxiety included in moving. Should you be set on moving yourself, we advise that you getting insurance when renting a truck.

Label All Your Boxes

Boxes should never only be labeled with their proper contents, but also with the expected room, they should go in. For anyone who is moving a large home, consider investing in a label printer to effectively label each box.

Use Tons Of Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap allows as a working answer to securing and protecting goods like plates, glass and other items. For larger items make use of it to protecting furniture from dents and scratches. Use lots!

Pack Fragile Items Carefully
To stop damage we suggest the use of paper. Place all dishe…

Recommendations for Moving as a Single Parent

The personal life of a single parent is not unproblematic, even though moving is not in the plan. Moving is notoriously intimidating for many. Don't be worried, many single parents have moved stress-free. Below are a few tips to make moving easier for the single parent:

Plan in Advance
Give yourself about 3 months or more to locate reliable movers, pack and prepare for your new home.

Start with decluttering your household so you have less stuff to move.

Involve Your Kids
Becoming open, honest and positive about the move will assist your kids to come to terms with the move and get excited about it! Do your best to include them in the decisions and different tasks involved in moving.

Save Money

Keep costs down to a minimum by using used cardboard boxes, crumpled up newspapers, and move in the off season

Hire Help
As a single parent, your list of commitments is endless. Start looking at afull-service moving companyfor help. Really want to let a professional take care of the…

Reasons to Hire the Morrison Moving For Your Office Move

When your company is getting prepared to relocate, make certain that you hire first-class commercial office movers in Hamilton. Morrison Moving delivers expert assistance in getting businesses relocated. With over 30 years of experience, our moving company will improve every aspect of the moving process. Not only are we efficient, we get your employees to get back to work rather quickly.

Here Are Some Good Reasons to Hire Our Moving Company
Specialized Services - We have insight into moving furniture, filing cabinets, IT equipment, artwork, and more

Large and Heavy Items
We move all over sized furniture, lamps, computer equipment, and other large and heavy items. Our reputable company will disassemble and reassemble all furniture pieces as needed.

Insurance Protection
We offer insurance protection in case something gets damaged or destroyed during moving.

We Are Efficient -
We will minimize the amount of downtime.

Morrison Moving provides services for both residential and commercial moves.…

Hire Professional Piano Movers To Help To Prevent Problems

For most pieces of furniture, a few friends or family can be all the help you need to get the job done. Your piano is not any kind of furniture because it's heavy and expensive. Piano moving can be an extremely challenging task.

Here are some reasons why you need to hire a professional.
The Movers will protect you from injury

Some pianos could be over a thousand pounds. This is an incredible amount of weight. Without the proper equipment to secure your back and other body parts, you could seriously injure yourself. If you are thinking of saving money by moving the piano yourself, consider the cost of an injury.

The movers will protect your piano from damage

Despite their size, pianos are very delicate. If piano moving is done incorrectly, you could easily:

Break a leg or a pedalScratch the instrumentRuin a stringer 
Any damage could easily affect the sound of the piano, which can lead to costly repairs. Professional movers understand these issues and know how to move the instrument pro…